• Campaign Emails get stuck in queue

    We are trying to send out some emails from the campaign module in Sugar and the emails get stuck in the email queue and never get sent.  We have checked the different areas of the Sugar settings an...
    Jessica Taggart
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  • SSO - We're using Azure Active Directory that we’d like to set up SSO with - this would use a different protocol to what the in-house AD would.

    SugarCRM Pro - v10.0.0 on demand   We've set up a test version of configuring AD for single sign on for individual license users, and a normal sign in box for shared users. This seems to work okay but...   ...
    john mckenzie
    created by john mckenzie
  • How to change the Status and Notifying a User on Case Update Emails using Process Definition?

    Hi,   Why can't i do this in process definition?    https://support.sugarcrm.com/Knowledge_Base/Administration/Workflows/Changing_the_Status_and_Notifying_a_User_on_Case_Up… 
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  • Auto Email Quote & Auto create Opportunity from Quote

    I'm looking for a way to create a process definition that says: When a Quote record's status is 'send to customer', the quote pdf gets automatically emailed to the customer AND a new opportunity is created from the qu...
    Steve Silliker
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  • Can user logins be excluded using single sign on?

    SugarCRM v10.0.0 Pro - on demand.   We have a 200 user system. Most users are named individual regular users but some are occasional users who use a shared log in to the crm.    We have recently upgra...
    john mckenzie
    created by john mckenzie
  • Standard Assignment Notification Link To Record no longer works on Mobile with Identity

    Hi,    Has anyone else come across this issue with Identity? The standard assignment notification emails (typically the full URL to the record) used to open the Sugar mobile app. I guess it pinged the serv...
    James Banbury
    created by James Banbury
  • Email Bounce Sensitivity

    I happen to be looking through our email campaign results and specifically the bounces that have been marking email addresses as invalid.   It seems it is being too sensitive to bounces.   I have seen many...
    John Kitsmiller
    created by John Kitsmiller
  • Inbound Email Setup with Exchange Shared Mailbox

    NOTE: This is for an On-Premise install of SugarCRM and Exchange I am trying to setup an Inbound Mailbox for support where it will create a case for each email that is received.  I am having difficulty getting S...
    Mike Sikorski
    created by Mike Sikorski
  • Costs for Sugar connect?

    Sugar crm v9.0.1 - Pro - cloud   Hi All - we are just moving from on prem outklook to outlook 365. I've been looking into sugar connect, it seems like a better UI than the downloadable plugin for outlook.  ...
    john mckenzie
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  • Edit Default Settings in Outgoing Email

    Trying to set the font size and name for out-going emails to something specific, that defaults every time I create a new email rather than having to update on every new created. What is the easiest way to do...
    Alicia Ayres
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  • (SmtpMailer.php:167 [6]) - Failed to connect to outbound SMTP Mail Server: An outgoing mail server is not configured to send emails.

    hi all,   this is a a bit strange, Assignment emails and notification emails work perfectly file whereas workflow emails doesnot work. if i try to send an email via process definition or auto reply it doesn...
    Kunal singh
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  • How can I set the default address in the from field in the cases compose email drawer?

    My users are part of teams which have multiple email addresses they can send from. These emails are configured as a outgoing email account in the email module. The majority of the time, they will use one particular em...
    Marciano Ballestero
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  • Event based email not sending anymore

    I have several process definitions set up, that have been working fine for months, but overnight stopped working. The error log read we needed to add an app password from our Gmail account being used, which we did. No...
    Ray Ortiz
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  • Automatically route emails in Test environments

    How do I automatically set all emails to route to a specific email (or set of emails) when they are coming from a development/Test environment?
    Scott MacLeod
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  • Connecting Google Analytics to Sugar Market

    Hello! I am trying to set up Google Analytics for my emails in Sugar Market. I've followed the instructions in the various guides, but I am not seeing any results / data in Google Analytics. Has anyone done this succ...
    Jodi Wright
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  • Outlook Plugin management

    Hi    I'm an admin for a 400 seat on demand Sugar v9.0.1 instance. I'm doing some work with users about thier experience of the system.   When it came to the use of outlook plugin, most expressed they...
    john mckenzie
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  • Add a link in an email template that will take users of a self-service process to the record where they can claim the process?

    I want to send users of a self-service process an email with link they can click on that will take them directly to the screen where they can claim the process.    Specifically, this process is kicked off w...
    Greg Billings
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  • outlook plugin modules missing

    I'm sure bugs, cases, and Opportunities were previously displayed in the Side Panel of the Outlook Plug-in. Now the available modules are: Calls, Meetings, Tasks, Notes, Emails.   Is this a change to the plug-...
    Steve Jaspar
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  • Outlook Plug-in: Failed to autoarchive mail items

    I'm guessing there's a setting somewhere...  We're on Release 9.1 with the current Outlook Plug-in on MS Outlook 2016   When using the Send and Archive in the Outlook Plug-In, the email is successfully...
    Bud Hartley
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  • Module Record "Share" Producing Malformed Email In Outlook For Mac

    The "Share" feature on a Module Record View (e.g. Account module, Contact, etc.), on a Mac desktop using Outlook for Mac as the default email client, creates an email that looks fine before sending, but if it is just ...
    Vince Outlaw
    created by Vince Outlaw