• Notification when Account Name is Modified

    Can someone please assist on how to setup a workflow that notifies specific users / team when an Account name is modified, and the notification lists both former and current Account Names?  We've begun using...
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  • Contact Management 2020

    Our Contacts typically tend to move around in the same industry, so odds are, when they leave one Company they'll show up later in another Account we service - which is why we'd like to retain any associated...
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  • how to customize notifications module in Sugar CRM Mobile?

    I want to get notifications in mobile same as we get in desktop.   $note_bean = BeanFactory::newBean('Notifications'); $note_bean->name = "Assignment Change"; $note_bean->save();   This code triggers w...
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  • Product Currency Amounts Updating on Currency Change (V9.0.2)

    Hi all.   Just looking for some assistance to see if this is how the system should work or if anyone else has had this and has any ideas.   So the scenario in question is the following with the assumption ...
    Daniel Hill
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  • Limit of 10 rows per homepage dashboard?

    I'm on Sugar 9.0.3 Enterprise Cloud. I seem to be limited to 10 dashlet rows on a single homepage dashboard. If I try to add another dashlet to the 11th row, Sugar will just refuse to add it. Any way to adjust this l...
    Jacquelyn Lane
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  • Redirecting sugarcrm.log to stdout = black hole

    We're running sugarcrm 8.0.6 ENT inside of a Docker container, and I'm trying to redirect the application logs to stdout/stderr so we can consume them with CloudWatch.   I have the following setup in our Dockerf...
    John Hoffmann
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  • HTTP: 500 Internal Server Error Unknown error.

    Hi Team, I'm getting the above error while clicking the link to view the record in Accounts, Leads and some other modules. I've created one module, made changes in the Module Builder only (instead of doing changes in...
    Sivasankar Adapa
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  • How to create a Dependent Catalog Product

    Greetings! I'm hoping to add a dependent Training product to our Catalog whereas based on products they added to the quote from specific Categories, would either auto-insert the line item, or prompt the Use...
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  • Record-Level Fields Not Seated Correctly 10.0

    I'm sure this is due to the new field layout changes :/ but fields set on Record Views are not displaying correctly on the UI: as in different columns and out of order. Since this has happened in previous versions, I ...
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  • How to change the Status and Notifying a User on Case Update Emails using Process Definition?

    Hi,   Why can't i do this in process definition?    https://support.sugarcrm.com/Knowledge_Base/Administration/Workflows/Changing_the_Status_and_Notifying_a_User_on_Case_Up… 
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  • Can user logins be excluded using single sign on?

    SugarCRM v10.0.0 Pro - on demand.   We have a 200 user system. Most users are named individual regular users but some are occasional users who use a shared log in to the crm.    We have recently upgra...
    john mckenzie
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  • Reports not filtering correctly when clicking on column

    Hi,   I have a report that does not seem to filter correctly when I click through.  If I click on any of the dates the results coming back are always 0 'No data available'     Here is the curl...
  • Workflows, Set checkbox based on Team on record

    Hi, is it possible to create a workflow that checks the Team value.   If Team === A, Set checkbox 1 = true,   If Team === B, Set checkbox 2 = true,   I'm new to workflows so just asking to make sure ...
  • Best Practices Sales Cycle for B2C Business

    Getting started migrating our inhouse "crm" to Sugar for a cosmetic skincare office Currently using excel and outlook + paper files.   Im very confident Sugar can be modified to fit our needs but im having...
    Charles Rosen
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  • Don't create Lead when Contact exists

    Hi all,   I just a need a little help when creating a Lead when a Contact already exists.   We have the case that sales reps try to create a Lead in Sugar although a Contact in Sugar already exists with th...
    Thomas Schlittler
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  • Mobile Detail Layout - Tabs?

    How do I add a panel in the mobile app layout, in order to use the tab option? With many fields to be added, using the tabs to organize would be helpful. The ability to switch from Panel to Tab shows up, but I can onl...
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  • Use Sugar BPM To Default New Opportunity Account?

    We would like to default the related Account when creating a new Opportunity. Would Sugar BPM be the correct tool to use for this? 
    Vince Outlaw
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  • getdropdownvalue from related module

    Hi   I have a dropdown in Leads module that when it converts I want a dropdown value from Leads to be a text value in Contacts, so it's not editable I thought I would be able to use a calculated field in Le...
    Joe Carter
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  • Report Filter for Current User to See Top-Line Manager's Entire Team?

    Looking for something like... Assigned to User > Is > Current user Assigned to User > Reports to > Current user ...but will allow the logged-in user to see the data of everyone on their sales team (...
    Jacquelyn Lane
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  • Single Source of Truth About Customers in a Complex IT-Landscape

    In August 2019, 80% of Forrester survey respondents saw a single source of truth about the customer as a "significant" or "indispensable" factor to ensure the seamless customer experience. 43% stated that its creation...
    Zlatyslava Topchyi
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