Secure Sugar with these 5 easy admin tricks

Blog Post created by jshaheen Employee on Jan 16, 2018

You already use teams and roles to control what your users can see and do in Sugar, but did you know that Admins have a complete toolkit of options available to control who's using your Sugar instance in the first place?


It's simple to add multiple layers of security to your Sugar instance by leveraging the following user-authentication tools - all of which are available in the admin panel:


  1. Advanced password management
  2. Bot protection via CAPTCHA and honeypot
  3. External authentication via SSO and AD integration
  4. OAuth 2 support
  5. Session rules including timeouts and IP address tracking and validation


For more information on all of these options and links to the related documentation, check out the Understanding Security Layers for User Authentication article in the Sugar Support Knowledge Base.