Ben (T-Mobile) Dials in a Clear Customer Vision

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T-Mobile is the mobile communications subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom. The brand operates in the United States, Poland, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic. In the Netherlands, where it has nearly 4 million customers, T-Mobile operates a discounted sub-brand called Ben, which targets younger users.


Headquarters: The Hague

Use case:  Customer Service




Challenge: Optimize customer care, support marketing, sales and dealer network, improve data management and inventory control.


Solution: Sugar Professional hosted on-site with integrations to business support and operating systems.


Results: Improved customer service response time; developed complete customer view; all customer service and transaction channels managed directly in Sugar.



One Click Empowers Customer Service  


T-Mobile’s Ben cellphone brand is sleek and hip. It is priced for young, budget-minded residents of the Netherlands who think more about urls and clicks than bricks and mortar when it comes to buying phones, service or SIM cards.


The brand, which was relaunched by T-Mobile in 2008 and loosely translates in Dutch as “I am,” operates mostly in the virtual world for sales and service, although some dealers also carry the line. Because the business model is essentially digital, Ben needed a sturdy, agile Customer Relationship Management platform that empowered the customer service staff and personalized customer interactions.


Sugar gives Ben's customer service representatives an integrated customer view across all channels (call center, ecommerce, dealers, etc.) and surfaces insights that tare the basis of fast, accurate and personal responses.


Through its customer portal, Ben subscribers can place orders, look at data use and invoices, manage voicemail and even activate a new SIM card. All with customers at the helm.

 The digital convenience created by the Sugar powerhouse also benefits Ben’s dealer network.


Dealers can place orders via their own portal, where they can see within a few minutes whether the order has been approved. In addition, they can integrate their website or application with Sugar via an API. This allows them to place, validate and request number portability via their own platform. Sugar generates the contract for the customer and the dealer simply downloads the form.


Sugar also makes it easy for Ben's marketing and sales staff to manage many products and packages because offers and price changes are implemented in real time.


These days, when residents of the Netherlands dial up new phone services with Ben, they get fast, customer-focused service that enhances their experience, because Ben dialed the right number with SugarCRM.


This case study is based on information provided by Sugar Elite Partner BrixCRM



Notable Integrations

Drupal, for content management

SAP, for ERP



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