SugarBuzz Q1 2017: It’s All About Relationships...

Blog Post created by rjukoski Employee on Feb 14, 2017

Roses are red, violets are blue, 

Our customers are the best, 

So we’d like to thank you!


Happy Valentine’s Day! 


CMO Insights: Becoming an Agent of Change

by Clint Oram

Our Sugar platform is different…and that’s intentional. Our customers are different…and we like it that way. You’ll never find us walking the centerline of the highway because that is not where the innovative thinkers are. Legacy CRMs walk that mundane centerline of managing people; Sugar helps people understand customers and build value through relationships.


Corner Office: What's new for the Customer Experience in 2017?

by Larry Augustin

Like flowers on Valentine's Day, prioritizing the customer experience has moved from a ‘nice to have’ to an essential component of business’ strategy. When research by Gartner reveals that 89% of organizations now expect to compete solely on this, you know you need to take it seriously.


Developers Corner: Extending Advanced Workflow and more

by Matt Marum

There’s something cool and new for all developers in the Sugar 7.8 platform. From simple changes, such as moving to PHP 5.6, to the more robust Advanced Workflows that dramatically extends extensibility, Sugar 7.8 is a tire-screeching, road-hugging sports car of a platform.


Products: Maximize Productivity with Relationship Analytics for Sugar

by Dax Farhang

In the Valentine's spirit, Relationship Analytics for Sugar adds richness and insight into your customer engagements. This add-on analyzes Sugar and email correspondence between customers and your company to build an insightful relationship map. Our customers use this tool to find contacts with strong customer relationships and help transition customers to new account managers and sales people.


ISV Spotlight: Innovation is #awesome. Innovation + experience is #awesomesauce

by Mark Weitzel 

Struggling with finding the right Valentine's gift - check out Amazon. Struggling to find ways to improve sales efficiency or adding? Before you look at your developers, check ours. We’ve got hundreds of savvy partners who think about that stuff all the time, and it’s possible they’ve already got what you need.



Customer Spotlight: Agfa Healthcare

by Tom Opdyke

A multinational corporation that develops, manufactures, and distributes analog and digital imaging products and systems, as well as IT solutions completed its worldwide Sugar deployment and achieved 139 percent ROI while staying on budget - Wow, that's sweet.


Customer Spotlight: Do You Need to See an Analyst?

by Rebecca Jukoski

The relationship doctor is in. Find a convenient time to meet with one of our SugarCRM analysts to tell us your digital transformation story. We're looking for real Mavericks here. Become one of our reference superstars.


Events: What do Chief Revenue Officers talk about when they get together?

by Jennifer Smart

We wanted to know, too. Find out as CROs from across all industries gather in New York City on April 4-5 to explore the connections between CRM, predictive analytics, and a better understanding of customer requirements to improve customer communication, retention, and loyalty. Get 20% off registration.


Events: SugarCon 2017. Bigger, more disruptive, transformative

by Karen Havstad

Don't miss this customer love fest. Our must attend customer event of the year will be held at the Hilton Union Square in San Francisco September 25-28. Watch for our Early Bird registration. Save the date - we’ve got a seat for you.