The Strategic View

Blog Post created by Employee on Jul 28, 2016

the-strategic-view-300x232.jpgLast month we held our biggest and best SugarCon ever.  Attendance was the highest ever.  But more important, you told us that the content was the best yet; it just keeps getting better and better.  We’ve been on a mission to increase the value of content at SugarCon that helps our customers drive business success using CRM, and it showed.


This year the conference theme was, "Transforming Relationships" in an age of digital disruption.  In that context, I shared four key strategies that forward-thinking leaders can apply to respond to disruptive market forces and put the customer at the center their business:


  1. Align Initiatives: Evolve your CRM by making it a tool in your customer-first strategy. CRM can’t be something that’s not part of your core initiatives.  If your core business objective is revenue growth, CRM needs to be part of that.  If you want to achieve a great customer experience, you need customer experience to be part of all your initiatives.  It’s about alignment and focus.
  2. Empower Individuals: Ultimately a business is made of people, and you need to empower those people to achieve your business objectives.  By using your CRM internally to provide the right customer information to the right person at the right time, you are empowering your staff. A customer-focused CRM helps the sales team and arms customer support representatives to deliver an extraordinary customer experience.
  3. Operationalize Interactions: Whether it is a digital or human touchpoint, customers appreciate it when every interaction is coordinated, and when everyone seems to share a complete understanding of them and their needs. Using CRM to inform and coordinate all customer interactions is a great way to deliver positive experiences and build extraordinary relationships.
  4. Deliver Insights: Increasingly, CRM is becoming a tool that can deliver deep insights about customers. By combining internal and external data along with the analytics to recommend next best actions, CRM becomes much more than a customer database. CRM can become an invaluable tool for guiding your staff and building your business.


My presentation and many others at the conference were designed to help empower our users as change agents within their organizations. Please be our guest and explore the presentations and videos posted on the Sugar Community The specified item was not found. pages to learn more about how Sugar can help you Transform Relationships with your customers.


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