How SugarCRM is Reacting to Brexit

Blog Post created by astaples Employee on Jul 28, 2016

in-the-news-brexit-300x232.jpgLike everyone else, we at SugarCRM we’re very surprised when the vote to leave came in. And, while it will take some for the world to figure out how significant the long-term political and economic implications, we wanted to help our employees and customers in the UK prepare for the future and be thinking about how we can offer our customers additional information and guidance.


We’ve created a cross-departmental “Brexit task force” to determine how this affects both current and potential customers, and how we can respond to meet their needs. As a result, we have updated how process payments in different currencies to give UK customers more flexibility. We are proud that SugarCRM now offers pricing in  British Pounds (GBP) for customers in the UK. This decision is designed to help customers reduce risks in the wake of recent currency fluctuations. As we have grown as a company, we have an increasing number of customers signing multi-year deals. By offering pricing in pounds, we can provide customers with greater cost certainty over the life of their contract.


Just as important is the data flow and data privacy issue. It is important that we start the conversation on the importance of keeping control of your cloud data during these times of uncertainty. We are advising customers to maintain cloud flexibility. We don’t know how the data storage and data privacy regulations will shake out. It was already a murky issue for U.S. multinational tech companies and now U.K companies could be in the same boat. This potentially will take years to figure out as the UK and EU negotiate, but major IT projects can’t just be put on hold. We are advising our European customers to work with vendors that operate both their own cloud and also enable other service providers to deliver SaaS services on their clouds, either private or public. In many cases, “future-proofing” deployments with private clouds that can withstand current regulatory uncertainty is the way go.


At SugarCRM, we offer multiple cloud deployment options. We talk all the time about why cloud flexibility is crucial so you can adapt to the changing business and IT landscape. That sounds like marketing speak until something like this happens.


Brexit is a complicated and evolving topic so we called in an expert to help us make sense of it. Frank Fanzilli, a SugarCRM board member and the former global CIO at Credit Suisse, lent his expertise in a guest blog post. It’s a great overview of the potential impacts in the tech and financial industries. He also provides a list of things companies should be thinking about in response to Brexit.


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